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The introductions thread!

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Hello MotorMog, welcome!
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Hi MotorMog, and welcome! We share similar histories - I first played bass as a result of three of the six punks in my hometown deciding to form a band. It was a blast! Cheers.
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As meatloaf once said 3 out of 6 punks aint bad
Thanks for the welcome
Hi all.

41 years old and just decided that I wanted to play the bass. I have played some guitar in the past but it just wasn't what I thought it would be. Bought a bass a week ago and am now kickin' my own ass for not getting one much sooner. If I could I would take the thing to bed with me, might piss the wife off though.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. And if anyone has any advice on things to start with and the like, I am always interested.

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Hi DFJ pretty much the same age I took up bass as well
Probably the biggest mistake I made when getting into playing bass was thinking the guitar was crap and changing the damn thing every few months like it was the equipments fault
Practice is the only way and when you find the right bass stick with it
dedication will soon see enjoying and playing what you once thought unplayable er playable

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MotorMog and DuckFeatherJones, welcome to the family, good to have you aboard
johnny [staff]
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hey guys, welcome!
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Wow, there's enough of us 40-somthingers (new word!) to start our own club called the 40-something Content, Regretful, Married (or trapped) Bassist Club.

The title's a work in progress.
Be a band full of bassists. We could call ourselves“ Mid Life Crisis”

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