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The introductions thread!

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Welcome to the site antiduranduran Hope to hear lots from you in the forum. For some reason you seemed to have upset a couple of people in the Duran Duran thread even though you have not written anything in there! Happy days!
Don't worry too much about it antiduranduran, just a couple of people getting their knickers in a twist over your nickname. Some people can be just too touchy & sensitive!
I'm afraid that is all it is. I'm a big Duran Duran fan & all things 80's but I'm not going to hold your nickname against you unless you went in the thread & started badmouthing the band & everyone who posted in there. There has been nothing to suggest that you will so it's just a niggly thing that will soon blow over.
Posts: 256
Not worth worrying about! One of the people in the DD thread explodes & goes all Rambo on you if you say anything other than nice things about DD! Just smile & move on!
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Welcome antiduranduran!
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Yes, welcome, antiduranduran.

A bit of an unfortunate username, though. As LoudLon noted in another thread some days ago (and responding to another user who was making very strong statements claiming certain bands were the worst ever), people take their music and bands very seriously. Insulting someone's favorite band doesn't win friends! Cheers.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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ummm this is akward ummm antiduranduran nevermind the post i left on the duranduran forum, other than thatcwelcome and again sorry

TheDude [staff]
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see, we can all play nice.
bass freak
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Some of us can!
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Yeah, don't hold your breath on all playing nice

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