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The introductions thread!

Whats shakin all? I am buy no means new to this site; after “snaking” a few (ha, a ton) of tabs I felt it only right to give back to which-ith I have taken. Soooo…. I sub'd a tab that wasnt on this site. Been beating on my babies for almost 20 years. I like ALLLLLLL kinda of music from SLAYER, PanterA to The Doors, RHCP, and on and on. Not into gangsta rap, but whatever fires your gun is cool with me. Been in quite a few metal bands, opened up for Theory Of A Deadman and Candlebox here where I live. Plan on subbin many more tabs, but gotta start somehere. And this, here and now is my somewhere. Nice to meet and jam witchyall. Doing a great job, hit me up with anything regarding my submissions or if ya just wanna rap. Nuff typing, more jammin. See ya on the front lines, dont ever put music on the shelf. Peace.
johnny [staff]
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hey man, welcome!
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Hey -
Great stuff here! I've been playing bass most of my life, mostly cover tunes in bars and played on a few original bass tracks for a good friend. I view myself as an average player with a passion for playing and wanting to improve.

I play a custom-guilt 6-string bass which was on eBay that was a tremendous deal, and play through one of two first-generation SWR stacks (one has a BBE Sonic Maximizer that I love).

Looking forward to perusing this website. The band I joined two years ago is doing some demanding songs for bass, which I love, but tough to figure out - my first stop here is “Red Barchetta” by Rush.

P.S. - Bieber bites!!!!
It is about the sound, after all!
Indeed Sid, Indeed. Toemoss, spotty, welcome aboard.
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Hello, came across this site searching for help learning a few songs. I like the site. Thought I'd register as a user in case the planets align and I'm able to contribute back to this community in some way.

I'm re-learning my bass after a 20-year hiatus (married, kids, all those ‘distractions’ ) and want to use music as a productive hobby instead of sitting on the couch, drinking beer.

I like a lot of genres of music. Not a big metal fan. I listened to it growing up, but at my age I've become a lot more mellow in my tastes. When I played previously I listened to a lot of Zeppelin, Rush, The Police, Yes. Bands that had a prominent bass sound to them.

So to cut off this already long post, “Hi.”
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Hi Mark! Welcome! My bass playing history is much like yours - a long break imposed by lack of stardom and the stark realities of life. I think you will find this community helpful and friendly! Cheers.
Same. I wonder how many of us there are. Had to sell my bass at 20 to pay for twins. Here I am at 43 finally able to live my dream by playing music. Never too late.
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Good to have you here, Chuck.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Welcome to the 40-something-and-life-got-in-the-way club, Chuck. We're not a huge demographic but we've got a hell of a lobby.
bass freak
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Welcome Mark & Chuck, good to have you on board. There does seem to be a lot of 40 somethings in here, YAY!!!

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