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The introductions thread!

Hello page I'm new here I truly like this site. I've been playing bass for maybe 12yrs I learned to play by ear and it was hard. Well here I am 300 songs later I'm a big fan of ole school R&B, Funk, and some ole school rock, I would love to post the 300+ songs but I don't know how to write tabs out never done it before but I do have my song chart book with the notes too the tunes as their played on the recording so if anyone is looking for some ole school r&b,funk, soul, and some blues send me a shout out!!!! Bassplayer5…………
Hello all,
I'm new here, used to play a lot but haven't done so much for the last few years, getting back into it in a big way now. Got myself a 6 string bass to challenge me and open up some new ideas, still getting to grips with the extra string either side so any 6 string tabs would be much appreciated!
Think about why a drummer makes for a great bass player… Awesome!

Hi All!

My name is April and I normally play the keyboards with my band. But I was tasked to play the bass and I'm now here to practice the piece asked of me.

I typically play by ear and rarely rely on sheets. But I like the site and found the tab I was looking for and well… I like it here a lot!

Will probably explore more songs.

I'm Jena. Pretty new to bass, have picked up a guitar before but just didn't feel right.I picked up the bf's bass and never looked back. Recently got my own and trying to pick things up as I can. I'm enjoying the site so far.
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I am 43 and picked up a bass for the first time when I was recovering from surgery. That was 3 weeks ago. I can't even play guitar. Bass was brought up as an “easier to learn alternative.” I am finding out that “easier” isn't as accurate as “suits me” does. So far so good. I like being not so cookie cutter. Everyone else around me pretty much just plays guitar. I am looking forward to bringing more depth of sound in our jam sessions.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Well for those of you who dont know me im Daniel im 20 half brazillian half italian, got started with bass when i was 16.

Played lot of latin rock songs, then moved to metal and the beatles from there , and now im plying bass for wedding bands, orchestras, music groups, and i also do DJ for Medalla (PR beer company) here in PR and also play the drums, piano, handbells, and xylophone.

Side Note: studying to be an architect/music engineer

I play: blues, jazz, reggae, reggueton, bossa nova, bachata, merengue, salsa, rock, latin rock, metal, electronic, pop, hip hop, tumbao, ska, heavy metal, screamo, punk, you name it, i play it
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Glad you are here, Dannybassman!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Hey folks. Name's Lon. Started playing bass back in the ‘97. Switched to guitar in ’98 because my buddy needed a rhythm player in his band, but I finally came back to bass a couple months ago (yeah, I'm an old fart – 42 in about a week and a half). Felt good when I picked up a four string and found myself quickly able to re-adapt to it. Musically I like pretty much anything “good,” but my faves are metal, grunge, hard rock and 80s & 90s alternative. Anyway, I've submitted a couple tabs and plan to submit more, and I'm looking forward to rapping about music with you folks. Thanks for having me.

- Lon
johnny [staff]
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hey lon welcome! your tabs look great!

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