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How many of you actually knew Charles Manson was a musician?

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As far as I'm aware he's not on death row. They don't offer parole to people who are. Anyway he is in his late 70's I think so he has been able to lead a full life (most behind bars) unlike his victims. They could execute him now but what would be the point, it should have been done years ago!
bass freak
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Yea, bit late now to execute him even though he deserves to be.
LoudLon [moderator]
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He was never executed because not long after he was sentenced, the bodies of other victims were found which investigators thought Manson was connected to. This would have put a hold on the carrying out of his execution in case evidence surfaced connecting him, and he would have had to go on trail for those murders as well. But as it turns out, before any of that or Manson's execution could happen, California abolished the death penalty and Manson's sentence was converted to life in prison without possibility of parole. After that, he was convicted of the murder of a couple of the bodies investigators had found, and more life sentences were stacked on top of it.

Thing is, even if California were to re-institute the death penalty, that would only apply to people convicted AFTER its re-institution. Manson's sentence would remain life in prison.

The US justice system, everybody!
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I'm not an expert on parole hearings, but I have to think having a swastika tattooed on your forehead doesn't help your chances of getting out.
Oh Mark you're so wrong. Not. I think you're pretty correct
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LOL good point IamMark
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Thanks for the explanation Lon!
They could execute him now but what would be the point, it should have been done years ago!

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