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People my age so ignorant with music

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Dancin in the Moonlight, nice easy little bassline
Yes. Yes.
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I am 25 and have known who Eddie Money is all my life. Eddie Money lives on with me forever. Two Tickets to Paradise has got to be one of the most well known songs in the world. and all around is is one of the most amazing preformers in the last 30 to 35 years for sure.
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Well i've been on planet earth 49 years and i've never heard any of Eddie Money's music. I even went into you tube to check him out. Good stuff but nothing that i've heard before. Two Tickets To Paradise may be well known especially in America, but it's not the world over.
TwiggyBass isn't from America so he is known in other countries
LoudLon [moderator]
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Yeah, Eddie Money was big in the states from the 70s and into the late 80s. Fun fact: he used to be a cop but quit to become a musician, and in keeping with his name would often throw dollar bills out into the crowd during concerts. Never got to see him live myself but my big sis did back in ‘88 and to this day says it was one of the best shows she’s ever been to – and she's been to Farm-Aid, RHCP, Kiss, Megadeth, Danzig…

Anyway, he performs mostly on the nostalgia circuit now but it's good to know he's still out there, rockin' it old-school.
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TwiggyBass isn't from America so he is known in other countries

Not suggesting Twiggy was from America, but America is where Eddie Money was most popular. There will be some people around the world who knows who he is, but not everyone.
Twiggy is from America. Do you mean Chris?
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Read my message properly. It doesn't really matter where Twiggy is from but the statement i made regarding Eddie Money

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