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Do you use any effects pedals?

Quote: Quote: Quote: Um, you every heard B.B.K by KoRn? Fieldy uses it a lot It makes the Fuzz sound kinda like ripping paper. It's hard to explain. It's also kinda like a compressor too. Fieldy always uses fuzz a lot! He uses it on most of Issues I know for a fact I believe you are right. I better be, I saw them live. Hahahaha
Fair enough.
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I use a distortion pedal on ocassion specially for MUSE

What pedal do you use Dannybassman? There are many, and each has its fan club. What kind of music do you use it for - which bands and songs?
In the way of effects for bass I really only use the built in overdrive in my GK Backline 600. It meshes really well with the music my band plays and actually doesn't suck all of low end out of my sound. Other than that I just have an Ibanez CP-9 Compressor to even everything out. Thinking of maybe getting a Chorus pedal and an envelope filter sometime for some songs later on.

Also for playing rhythm guitar I'm all about some effects. Tube Screamer, Boss ML-2 Distortion, Boss Chorus, MXR Delay and Reverb, and a Boss NS-2 to quiet the chain up with the dirt turned on.
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Years ago I brought home a Zoom B1X effects pedal and stayed up till 3:00 a.m. amusing myself with the dozens of amazing sounds. It was a blast. The novelty of it wore off pretty quick though. Today, I rarely feel a desire to alter my sound.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm actually using a Kustom guitar amp right now (understand I only recent came back to bass after fifteen years of nothing but guitar). I have the bass level at 10 but to keep from blowing it out I turned the middle, treble and gain way low. As for pedals I only have a super-distortion for my guitar at the moment; haven't tried it with my bass yet, but I find bass with too much distortion sounds like total ass.

Back in the '90s, though, my pedal rig consisted of basically of a pre-amp, a wah-wah and if I remember correctly, a vibrato. I think I had a basic channel switcher for light overdrive, too, because even back then I played through a guitar amp (a Crate, to be specific).
I've just picked up a Line6 Bass Pod for £60. Not had much success with it so far, tried using the headphone output and fried the phones. I mean the phones got hot and died. Bit more careful practising in future I think.
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I own a Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion and it is just great
Just picked up a Zoom B3. Really love it. Set my 2 channels up on my GK Fusion 550. 1 for my 5 string and one for my 4. Then I use the B3 for the different artist sounds. Really only use 5-6 in total when playing out. The versatility is great.
I use a Digitech Bass Driver and a Morley Pro Series ‘92 wah, the digtech can go from soft overdrive (make it fluffy sounding) to a grinding distortion (great for thrash metal) to a obnoxious sounding fuzz. I set up the Bass Driver to make my bass sound like its going through a Marshall 1959 “plexi” clipped medium hard (to give you an idea). The wah is really good and it keeps ’most' of the low-end, I use it for funk and for when I wanna shred I use it with my distortion. I the not so soon future I will replace my digitech with the Moonshine by JHS and get a comp, phaser, chorus/flanger and a Mesa Boogie stack (wall of sound)

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