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Do you use any effects pedals?

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I use the BOSS ME20 EFX PEDDLE Covers all tones for the various funk bands from Bootsie Collins-“Munchies For Your Love” to George Duke “Reach for It, Dukey Stick” its a great peddle had it for maybe 6yrs. It even has a fretless patch for when I play the Eagles “New York Minute”
I own a Digitech BP-90, but rarely use any of the effects. The built-in drum machine, however, is great for practicing along to.
I find bass with too much distortion sounds like total ass.QUOTE] Finding that perfect medium is very tricky.
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Of those I have tried or heard, chorus is the only bass effect I really like!
I have a Chorus & Distortion pedals. Combine the two & make the best noise ever! ihateduranduran get that distortion pedal Dude!
I have a tuner peadal and a compressor. Thats it. Might try chorus or noise suppressor one day.
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I just got my first pedal tuner yesterday - a Korg PitchBlack. I like it. The one thing I don't like is that when tuning, output to the amp is muted so you can't hear it. I think it is helpful to listen as you tune - ear training. I'd like to able to control whether output is muted or not.
I use a ZOOM 506B. Not a big effects guy, only use a couple of them programmed on my pedal. But the thing has any sound you could want with a tuner and mute. I love it.
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I bought a used MXR 117r flanger on ebay. I wanted one of these because I'm pretty sure Tina Weymouth used one on some early Talking Heads songs and because Steve Severin used one a lot in his bass lines with Siouxsie and the Banshees.

I really like the sounds I get out of the pedal, but there was an annoying clicking in the background. I contacted MXR explaining that the pedal was bought used and there was this ticking problem. MXR tech support responded saying it sounded like one of the ICs on the circuit board was leaking the clocking signal into the audio path, and that if I wanted to send it in, they would take a look at it.

I replied saying great, but how much will this cost me? It is a used pedal, not under warranty anymore.

MXR came back and said, no problem. All it will cost you is your postage to get it here. So a big cheer for MXR. They are really standing behind their products!
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Yep, I use my Electro Harmonix Bass Microsynth a hell of a lot, it is expensive but REALLY good !

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