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Do you use any effects pedals?

That's kinda what my board looks like now. Just Digitech pedals, not Boss.
These are what I have.
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Hey 5 string guy - if you are like me, you will start with wall warts, then maybe jump up to a OneSpot power supply. Eventually, you will want this:


The linked feature allows you to expand your power supply by adding another supply, chaining it to the one you already have. This is, IMO, the best power supply option out there. They are from Denmark, but this outfit sells them in the US.


I bought the Schizophrenic - can run 9, 12, and 18v pedals off it. Pretty cool!
You would be correct sir. Totally going to invest in that.
i still need my wah. for stuff like old metallica
n yes i know there is one in there lol. im just curious how it sounds as opposed to just using a wah itself

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