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Request List

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I got to thinking after what Nick had said to me. That I was bumping out other requests because I request to many. I don't think that is credible. The list is up for days and days without moving. And it is not to hard for anyone that wants to tab out a song of interest to check the list daily and write down the songs they maybe interested in. And also if someone was bumped and didn't get a response they can always request it again. And one last thing. Very few requests are ever fulfilled. So why does it matter what I post for requests. Just saying. Let me know if I am wrong…
I forgot one thing if a song is getting bumped it was at the bottom of the list anyhow. Which means to me know one was interested. Or they wrote it down for future consideration. So I don't see a problem…
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Stop beating yourself up, requests are on the list for weeks, even months, so if nobody tabs them in that time then nobody is going to. And what are you supposed to do, sit and wait until somebody tabs Shaddappa You Face by Joe Dolce?! And like you say, 90% of requests don't make it so make a big list and you're bound to get lucky
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My comment was because I misunderstood that you weren't looking for some of the songs to be tabbed, but only wanted to expose the community here to them. That's a bad use of the Request List. If you want them tabbed, add them to the list - that's what it is for! Better for the list to be full of requests from people who are active on the site than from people who register, 5-Star rate a few tabs (someone is doing it!), throw in a few requests, then are never seen from again.

There are nearly 21,000 registered users - I wonder what the count is who haven't posted in a Forum or submitted a tab would be.
mr zee
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Nearly 21,000, currently there's not many people tabbing and apart from johnny880 whose newish its the usual dozen or so on the forums. This doesn't include previous tabbers etc from the past who for whatever reason don't contribute any more. So there could be 20,000 users who are here to just take and not give anything in return
LoudLon [moderator]
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Post as many requests as you want, that's what the request page is for. Just make sure you post requests there, not here on the forum. If people start posting requests on the forum, the joint would junk up faster than you can say “Sanford and Son.”
Thanks all for making things clear. I thought I was requesting to many tabs. I do want people to hear songs they may not have heard. Like them or don't. That doesn't matter to me. It gives everyone new music to listen to. I am sorry Nick if there was a misunderstanding. When I said you guys don't have to work on the songs that I posted was mainly because I am new here and didn't want to shove things down your throat. And as far as tabs go. I have one I promised Zee that I am working on and will send him soon to help me out with it and add his own jazz to it hopefully. I cant post any tabs that are songs that are already written. Mainly because all the tabs I have learned have come from here and have already been done. I could only post tabs of songs I have written. Or parts of songs I should say. That I think sound good but could use a little help. However my biggest worry is that you guys may find them a little amateurish. That is all could contribute.
On a side note I do think some tunes I have come up with have more notes than say Adam Clayton. However I may have more notes. But he wins in the money area.
mr zee
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That is all could contribute.

You have contributed loads on the forum with your ideas and questions and the tabs you have requested, to me anyways, are bands I've never heard of before thus introducing new music. A lot of people request a few tabs and that's it, no other involvement with the site.
Thanks Mr Zee. I appreciate that very much…
I also would like to mention when I put in a request for a song it isn't always about the bass. That is of course what I listen for. But I really dig the moodiness of a song if that makes sense. I like really powerful vocals to go along with it. For instance the Holly Cole Trio song I put in for a request. They are a jazz trio. I am not fond of there music and the bass is stand up. Which I think can be converted. But damn her voice kicks ass of an oldie remake. I really like a good dynamic to a song no matter what category you want to fit it in. Rock Jazz Metal. Who cares. If it moves you. That's what it is all about. Imo.

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