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Request List

LoudLon [moderator]
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Pro tip:

When submitting a request, don't include anything except the properly spelled band name, song title and album title. If you're not sure how to spell the band/song/album title, google it. Don't include anything else in the information fields. No comments, no superfluous symbols, etc.

When a tabber fills a request, they have the opportunity to correct any mistakes the requester may have made in the information fields. If too many corrections are made in the fields, the system will consider it an entirely different tab, and the request won't show has having been filled.

Once again – Band. Song. Album. Properly spelled, no extraneous text.
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Oh Yes I forgot about Arcade Fire. There is a lot of indie bands here that I am trying to sort thru as well…
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Got it. Band Song Album. But I have also noted when requesting a song. I check to make sure its not here. But have found out later. Its here but under a different spelling or phrase etc.
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Using English as in the Oxford English Dictionary is also important, Americans for instance would search for Ocean Color Scene which is wrong, everyone knows it's spelled, COLOUR

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