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Cold here in Canada. Minus 2 Celsius and snowing. Had to turn my amp up just to shut out the wind. Lucky you guys in the warm. I don't know how those guys play outdoors in cold weather. I had to run my hands under hot water just to loosen them up. Maybe I will try playing with gloves on. Imagine how fast I will be when I take them off. Or maybe I will invent a bass with heated strings. Why not..
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20c here yesterday, in October
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It’s a barmy 21c in West Sussex , still wearing shorts to work

And long may it continue as it’s no fun working outside when it’s those temperatures Johnny
Global warming my butt. We got 35 centimeters of snow Oct 1st. The leaves haven't even fallen yet. For those of you that get 4 seasons instead of perpetual summer will know what I am talking about. And what does this have to do with bass. Absolutely nothing except its hard to play when your hands are numb.
mr zee
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Been a gusty but warm day in Yorkshire, supposed to be perpetually raining tomorrow, that'll be nice.

Summer-like 25 °C here in the Netherlands. About 11 degrees is the statistical mean for October.
I started this thread just cause I was cold and bored and like to yak. Don't get me wrong we get cold here but not that kinda snow fall before autumn. However what I think is really cool is hearing from the other bass players from around the world and what it is like in there neck of the woods. Computers love them or hate them. Thing is it brings people from around the world together at the speed of light. Couldn't do that 100 years ago…
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Its great, you could live in the wilds of Alaska and not be lonely. I worked in Germany in winter 95, ive never known cold like it, i was living in a VW type 25 camper and the flame on my hob froze!
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I went to Prague a couple of years back in January, flippin eck now that was cold -12

But I guess its down to what your used to , we escape most of the the bad stuff down here on the South Coast of England

LoudLon [moderator]
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It's starting to get cold here as well (eastern Kentucky). Fall weather came a few weeks late this year. Just last week it was in the 80s, then just a couple days ago it dropped down and we're now getting temps in the 50s and 60s. I'm not a summer person. I like it chilly. Nine months out of the year is just me waiting for autumn to finally roll back around.
You see that's what is cool. You have LoudLon in cold Kentucky. MotorMog in Sussex. Thunder Jay in the Netherlands. Zee in Yorkshire. Me cold Canada. And Marko. Wherever the heck you are. I have to ask what is a frozen hob. I have a few jokes I could throw in there. But maybe I shouldn't. Seriously I don't know what that is. But if your hob froze sounds damn cold to me…

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