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Who grew up in the 80's?

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What were/is everyone's influences? Bass Influences?

This could be a trend to run for a long while
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Do these influences have to be from the 80s?
I grew up in the 80's but my influences are 70's funk and blues. From the 80's, Paul Simonon of The Clash has been an inspiration.

EDIT: I realized later that I used the word “grew up”….that was not true.
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Born in ‘74 so yeah grew up during the 80’s and was your typical teenage metalhead into maiden,priest,sabbath and of course sporting the obligatory patched denim jacket

Only thing that's survived from that period these days is my love of motorhead

Now i just listen to and play punk

I'm pretty sure I started losing my hair around '89 ,maybe that had something to do with it
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I was 16 when Punk burst onto the scene in 76, it was a great time for music, but the best bit was thinking, “Shit! I could do that!”
Biggest downer was turning down a chance to see a band called The Spots at the Coatham Bowl in Redcar, the next day my mates told me that The Spots were The Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly, gutted
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You didn't miss much not seeing The Spots. None of them were particularly handsome.
I was born in 1960, but I'm still growing up and most certainly not mature. In the early 80's I was involved in a youth bar, where we organized gigs for starting bands, mainly playing punk rock and metal. I listened to punk rock and hard rock, as metal was called back then. Rush, Motörhead and Iron Maiden were favorite; three bands with strong bass players. Later in my life I discovered blues rock.

To answer the op's question: Geddy Lee, Steve Harris and the late Lemmy Kilmister have influenced my taste.
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This is my seventh decade, and I still have yet to grow up (just ask my family). The benefit is enjoying the evolution of music during this time. I would say the influences were strongest in the late 60's and 70's, with John Paul Jones, Carl Radle, Barry Oakley, John Entwhistle, Felix Papalardi, and Jack Bruce.

Now, if I only had the talent to exploit those influences, I might have been something. I am still learning, like we all should.

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I was born in ‘68, so was a teen in the 80’s.

The media presents the 80's as yuppies and girls dancing in puffball skirts, but that was just maybe 2 years of the 80's. .

Mostly it felt a pretty desolate time, more the smiths than sade.
Musical/bass influences.. dunno really I was more into 60's rock, who, stones, sabbath at the time.

The S**t you used to get off other kids for not being into current the bands of the day or not dressing like a casual, I wonder if that still goes on so much now?

Buying my first vespa was cool, going to scooter rallies in the 80's was great days.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Born in ‘71 so I spent the entirety of my teens in the ’80s. Loved that decade, a great time for pop music, metal and new wave, and the burgeoning indie/underground was starting to peek its head up (and would take full stage in the ‘90s). But most of my bass-playing influences come from the ’90s. Robert DeLeo, Jeff Ament, Andrew Weiss, Krist Novoselic, among many others.

But I do love me my '80s music.
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Born in 1970. Fast forward to 1982, Duran Duran is hitting the scene, and (in my opinion) the cutest girl at school is crazy about John Taylor. The idea that I had to play bass got implanted, and 25 years later I finally got started on it.

So my biggest influences are (keeping it 80's oriented) John Taylor, Derek Forbes (early Simple Minds), Graham Maby, John Deacon, Chris Squier, Simon Gallup (The Cure), Tim Butler (Psychadelic Furs) and Adam Clayton.

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