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When Is A Good Age To Start A Band

Someone else asked this silly question. If you can play then you know. If you cant don't bother. Wait until you can . And practice every day if possible. Its that simple. Put the effort in and you will know when your ready and you wont need to ask anyone for there opinion. You will have gotten there all on your own. Something you can be proud of. Stick with it. That's the key to the kingdom. Thru good and bad. It happens all of a sudden. And then your there. You will know. Age isn't a factor or how mature you are. Or if you have a disability. If you can play that's all there is to it. Start a band and let it rip. If your not quite there yet. Then practice until you can kick some BASS ASS. Follow your heart. You will know what to do and if the time is right…

please yourself, no one else
I am 12 almost 13 (well, in a year) i have a boyfriend (14) And I want to start a band, my mom, Thinks I'm not mature enough, I also Forgot to mention, I have Schizophrenia, (Is that why she doesn't think I'm mature enough?) Anyways… *Cough Cough* Er— What should i do about this?

More concerned that you are 12 with a 14 year old boyfriend than forming a band!
Seriously. If you haven't noticed boys and girls mature at a faster rate than a 100 years ago. Due to a number of factors. If the girl can play bass, let her play. Who cares if she has a boyfriend. They all do. Thats irrelevant and so what. Its not the dark ages. Sheeesh. Old age thinking. I encourage her to play no matter what the odds are against her, or anybody reading this post for that matter that thinks they cant do it. I have a disability and I can tell you. FLAT OUT YOU CAN DO IT TOO !
I started playing bass at age 64 and joined a band three years later. We have a blast playing together.
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I started playing bass at age 64 and joined a band three years later. We have a blast playing together.
That's what I am talking about. Awesome. It doesn't matter how old or young you are. Its the fact that you picked up that guitar and stuck with it. I have seen kids on YOUTUBE maybe 12 or younger that can kick the shit out of my playing. Good on them. And good on you ! That's it just play. No matter the age. You know when you pick up your first guitar. There is a reason for it. You have music in your head. You love music. You love listening to music. But that isn't good enough. You want to play it. Experience it in the fullest way. We may never become gods gift to the instrument but who the hell cares. Its the trying to get there that's the fun part. But in the end we all share something in common. We can honestly say I picked up this piece of wood and wires and damn it I can play music on it ! Something you should all be proud of…

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