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When Is A Good Age To Start A Band

Damn sounds like ya'll got stories to tell…tbh I don't even know where to start when it comes to starting a band, though I've wanted to for quite awhile now. Got any tips.
think the beatles, paul joined at 14, look at him now
age doesn't matter…if you wanna start a band…find other players and get busy…
i'm 51 and i want to start a band…the difficulty is to find the members…
my nephew was about 11 when he started his first band…now he is 24 writes his own songs…plays in clubs and at concerts…and he is also a drumteacher…
anything can if you want it…

as responses go that was probably the least helpful i've ever read
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Just when you think the trouble makers have disappeared, another one pops up. Fake account????

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