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When Is A Good Age To Start A Band

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I'll be more specific and a little harsh with my response.

If your goal is to form a band to record and play live shows with original music, I'd say it's not an age thing you should worry about but a maturity and commitment level of you and your future band mates.

I've been in a couple of bands where some members weren't on the same page. Some had big visions, while some members just wanted to goof around in their spare time.

The ones who have the vision are pretty driven, but also become control freaks. The ones that are there to just good off are fun, but generally frustrate others with their lack of focus and commitment.

So instead of age, find band mates that have the same goals as you. You may go through a few friends and musicians in the process, but if you have a goal then you want to surround yourself with people that will help you achieve that goal. Not delay it.

Generally speaking though, that sort of commitment and means to form a serious band usually doesn't come to many, so it can be tough and challenging. But age shouldn't be the focus of when you should start a band.
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Very good advice from Mark there. Also, make your goal a realistic one, don't put a band together with the aim of taking over the world in three months but aim to having a decent sized set list which you've practised and perfected, then take any and every gig that you can, build a following and just let it happen.
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AND A WORD OF WARNING!!! Don't sign up with a management company!! Or if you are approached by one, spend a long time going through the contract, take it to a solicitor and have him clarify it for you. I say this because my son was in a band, they had loads of original material, a large following and were even getting some late night air time on BBC Radio 1. (The singer, who also played rhythm guitar, landed himself a spot in a backing band for Robbie Williams for a one off performance at the London Palladium for Prince Charles 50th birthday). Anyhoo, they were approached by a London based management company who promised them the earth, he took them down to London and got them two days in Pink Floyds studio in Islington to record an E P, then, in the midst of their euphoria, got them to sign. He did nothing else after that, didn't get them gigs and didn't push the E P, but he expected 10% of any money they earned from gigs they got themselves, and if they did ‘Make It’ he'd step in to take over. Morale dropped like a lead Zeppelin, and a band with such a bright future disintegrated within three months!
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I think starting a band at a young age can be swell. I'm considering it myself.
regardless of your endgame with starting a band, there should be no restriction as to what is a good age. just have fun
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Wow, four years ago.

Wouldn't that be a pisser if Chuck was on a World Tour right now.
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Any age is a good age!

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