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New/Rare Music/Bands to Check Out

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Hey everybody,
I see alot of talk on these forums about Classic Rock/Metal and Popular 80's Music and etc.
as much as i love alot of that music,
I wanted to start a topic about music/bands that no one really knows about.
One of the main reasons i love music is because there is so much out there to check out!
so i'll start it off,



and btw, no restrictions!
if it's indie, alternative, grindcore, spoken work, bass loops, a dude farting into a mic…whatever!
if you dig it and iyou think other will…put it up!
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I just discovered this trio the other day called “You Bred Raptors?” It's just Bass, Drums and Cello. No vocals:

On a very different end of the musical spectrum, this guy might be a little too folky and hipsterish for a lot of you, but he's an excellent acoustic guitar picker and I really like his lyrics:

Also on the hipster-folk side of the spectrum, although I was thoroughly disappointed with these guys' two most recent albums, they're first 5 albums are my go-to albums to listen to when I go fishing. If anyone were to tab this bass line for me, I'd love you long time:

This band just broke up, which really bummed me out because I never got a chance to see them live, but I really dig this style of old school Rock and Roll:
Check out Motion Device. They are a band out of Toronto. They are bringing back heavy metal. They have some originals and great covers. The singer, she is only twelve years old. Rock on.

How 'bout this one?
Eyehategod, Skold, and John 5 (his guitar work is exceptional). Obviously may have heard of Eyehategod and John 5, but just in case…
And I'm sorry I'm about to say this but I saw this horribly shitty band open for RHCP a couple years ago called Little Dragon. Check em out, but I'd wear some pretty damn big ear protectors
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Towlie, I really really dug You Bred Raptors? !!!
Is that six string bass, cello and drums?

There's a band I've been listening to for a while that has the similair kinda line up. They're called Skeletonbreath. You should check me out if you haven't heard of them!


Good suggestions fellas! Keep em coming!!
Ask and you shall receive.

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Yeah - I really like You Bred Raptors? as well. I once had a bass instructor tell me that the bass could be as much of a lead instrument as a guitar; Raptors is one example of this. cheers
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that mr. methhane dude rules!

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