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New/Rare Music/Bands to Check Out

Leiria, you get an Sepultura down there?
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Quote: Howay man Sid, Marthas had her bus pass for about ten years now lol

Yes. Not new, but both are undeservedly rare and worth checking out. I particularly wish HBV had had greater success in making a living through her music. I recommend giving her entire Holly Beth Vincent (blue cover) a listen; the previous The Right To Be Italian is good as well though it is more in the pop vein.
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Leiria, you get an Sepultura down there?
There is this metal band from here thats called Moonspell. Theyre unsucessful here but I hear theyre pretty big in other parts of Europe. Go check them out. Its not my kind of stuff so I wont be putting any links, but they show up just by googling their name.
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I receive the new "The German PANZER, called “Send Them All to Hell”" CD for my birthday…members from Accept and Destruction…kick Ass Metal…loving it.

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I've been listening to these guys for a while now.
I'm really into them but i never hear anyone talk about them.
everyone i show these guys to really like them.
i hope you guys do to.


they're called irepress and they're really heavy and really pretty.
If you're into noise rock, listen to Shark?, Ceremony, Wavves, Hot Snakes, Oh Sees, and Surfer Blood
Yes, I'm a fan of a lot of new synthpop and indietronica. Guilty. Here are some artists: Chain Gang of 1974, Nite Jewel, Feathers, Miami Horror, and Tony Castles.
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Hey everyone. I really appreciate all the input on here so far.
But I've noticed that there is a lot of people giving lists of artist instead of posting one thing at a time.
I feel like there are a lot of good suggestions being passed over cuz they're being clustered together Insead of givin there own spot.
I'm all about the feed back but let's keep it simple and do one band per post so the people intersted can actually take the time to take it in ya know?
And links are always a huge plus!
Thanks everybody!

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