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New/Rare Music/Bands to Check Out

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Stone Jesus Fast Forward to 7:50
you can never go wrong with mr bungle, its some of the most unique and original music ive ever heard. basslines are very fun to play aswell.
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Ah, Mr Bungle, not quite new, Mike Pattons side project from Faith No More, although he did start Bungle before joining FNM, any band with a record called ‘Theres a Tractor in my Balls’ need checking out
LoudLon [moderator]
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I played the hell out of that Mr. Bungle CD back in the day. I was in the Army when it came out and there was a span of about a week and a half that I'd blast that shit through the barracks all day and night.
Hey guys! Been visiting this site for some time but havent really contributed anything so heres some suggestions of rather unknown music that I dig

The Arctic Flow, really like the vocals and the atmosphere

Blind mr Jones, I seriously love everything this band has done. Shoegazeish / trippy music

The Durutti Column, really dig the guitar tone

Nosound, italian band with some great atmosphere

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Mumindalen, if you like Trippy, Atmospheric music, have you checked out Violet Indiana? It's Robin Guthrie, (Cocteau Twins), I love his effects laden guitar tone, and the female singer has a dreamy voice.
No I havent but will surely do! thanks

not so interesting bass-wise but definitely a great band
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Alabama Shakes

Who would have thunk it?


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