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What is your favorite style of playing?

Finger style

Its finger style or pick here. Haven't really felt the slap style. Just me.
Pick all the way. I started out fingerstyle like everyone else and after getting my first picks I intended to play 50/50. When I started my YouTube channel I decided to go pick full time. Its louder so i can be heard over the music, its always been more comfortable and my playing improved after I made the transition.

I always thought slap was a technique like popping or tapping and not a distinct playing style. Learned something new I guess. In any case ive never done it, kind of over rated I think.
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Finger style, i can only use a pick a short while before my hand starts hurting and i find more versatility using three picking fingers
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Finger style for slower songs and country…getting use to the picking for the faster, heavier songs.
Like Rapid Fire from Judas Priest…I would use a pick.
Pick. I don't know how Alex Webster and Jack Gibson use their fingers. Impossible
LoudLon [moderator]
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Primarily finger style, but it depends on the song really. There's no arguing some stuff simply sounds better with a pick.
I still can't tell, does Tom Araya use picks or not?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Started finger style; eventually switched to pick, which he now mostly sticks with.
Started finger style; eventually switched to pick, which he now mostly sticks with.

I think he started using a pick around South of Heaven or Seasons in the Abyss. Pretty sure he was still fingerstyle for Reign in Blood.
johnny [staff]
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I use a pick because I transitioned from guitar to the bass and I play guitar mostly with the pick.
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Finger style. I don't like picks. I will actually use my index finger's nail when the tone needs that… je ne sais qua… crispness.

I'm sure I butchered that French.

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