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Police Story - Chaos U.K. Hardcore Punk from the album Chaos in Japan, released in 1991. Tuning: D, G, C, F.
can't beat a bit of chaos jay
Quote: Its not the strings... That's why I wrote “help a lot”. It's not just the strings that make a player fast, but if I compare my basses, the BEAD strung Ibby with those massive flatwound strings is a winner. I started playing bass in 2010. Back then my fingers were way more flexible. Rheumatoid arthritis keeps me back nowadays. That's the main reason I'm not playing in a band. If the hands don't cooperate, I just can't play, let alone gig.
Jay and Loudlon. I don't know if this will help you guys out but I think it might. I suffer from nerve damage down my spine all the way down my right arm and hand. And arthritis as well Jay. From a accident. I could only move 2 fingers for awhile in my right hand. The Doctor put me on a drug called Gabapentin. It was a drug he told me that has little side effects and was first tested for patients with epilepsy when they discovered it works wonders for people with nerve damage. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to play the bass after this happened. The drug works wonders. But the only problem I find is if I forget to take it my hand tightens right up. It might work for you guys. No harm in asking your Doctor. P.S My Doctor also has me on Codeine Contin for the pain. This is why sometimes I have a hard time writing things. The words make sense to me at the time. Maybe not so much later on. That's why I said in a earlier message if you guys don't understand what the heck I am saying please just ask. I am trying ok. I just didn't want you guys to know the trouble I am having. But if this drug could help you guys its well worth letting you know the whole story. I was really upset when I thought I might not be able to play the bass again. Ask away. See if that med might work for you guys. Take care.
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A hard time writing things??!!!! Your posts are like the Gettysberg Address, and they usually come three at a time.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Seriously, man, why?

Like I said in the other thread – like babysitting my sister's kids. Am I going to have to close this thread down, too?
Seriously, man, why?Like I said in the other thread – like babysitting my sister's kids. Am I going to have to close this thread down, too?

As much as i would hate for this thread to be shut down as i really like what jay does in here, it does seem harsh shutting the other thread down and not this one. You've reacted to comments made in each thread so they should be dealt with with in exactly the same way. What makes marko's comment any less offensive than johnny's? Hopefully this comment of mine is taken the right way, not trying to cause trouble, just curious.
PS. Not trying to put marko down or defend johnny. Just think punishment should be applied equally to all.
LoudLon [moderator]
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The difference between the two threads is that comments in the “favorite song to play” thread sat unnoticed for three days, so it felt to me like the user dredged it up for no real reason other than to A) stir shit up, and/or B ) get the last word in. Maybe some of you think closing that thread was unfair. I hear you. I disagree.

This thread, however, is regularly active and is used by multiple users to showcase videos they work hard to share with us. I don't want to lock this thread, because that would be punishing those people for behavior they themselves are not a part of.

Actually, as I sit here mulling this over, I'm glad you questioned my logic on this. I'm going to handle this another way, off the boards.

Back to topic.
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That's a good one, Sam. Although, I play it in standard tuning, and up one fret. I don't play open strings - unless it's an open ‘E’, so when you play the open A string, I play the E string 4th fret. No need to down tune on that song.

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