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Bands people never heard of?

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Yeah, I saw Private Radio on YouTube. Their shows would be a lot of fun!
Hey bassm99! Nice tab for Red Movies by Play. I had never heard of them so I checked them out on you tube. Totally LOVE what I heard. I can't believe they only released the 3 singles, a total of 6 tracks! I also can't believe it's taken me 30 years or so to get to hear them. Was your tab a one off or do youplan to tab the other songs?
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I agree lovetheeighties.
Cross Faith. Never knew who they were until I happened upon them at the Ernie Ball stage at Van's Warped Tour this summer.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Schtum, For Squirrels and Big Wreck (not UNheard of, but nowhere near popular, either) immediately come to mind.

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