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Bands people never heard of?

Also another German band called Frei.Wild the bass in this song is awesome, http://youtu.be/vQXn3EzzYY4
Ah yes! The original post hardcore band!

Ah yes! The original post hardcore band!
Very very true my friend
I wouldn't say no one has heard of the bands I'm going to post, but none of my friends had before I foisted their music upon them:

Soft Machine
Ian Carr's Nucleus
Hatfield and the North
National Health
Hugh Hopper
Kevin Ayers
Robert Wyatt

a lot of these are in the same vein of bands from the Canterbury scene of the late ‘60s and early ’70s, though the last 3 had extensive careers that spanned far past their original bands.
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Wow! I remember The Mood! I had forgotten about them, thanks for the reminder Duran Duran Fan.
The Sword from austin tx
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Endgames - UK Band.
The Frozen Autumn - Italian Band.
Delays - UK Band.
Anekdoten - Swedish Band.
I'm sure there are lots more!
PS. I remember The Mood from the 80's too, great band.
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bassm99, Endgames bring back a lot of good memories! I must go & re-introduce myself to their songs over the weekend
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Endgames never got the recognition they truly deserved softcell62. I think they had a hit in Germany but that's about it.
Funnily enough a B-Side remix of Ecstasy became a really big club hit & the track has been sampled by other artists, so in some small way they achieved some form of success.
Great band all the same & never tire of listening to them.
You want to see an awesome club performance, Google “Storm Large, Universal Remote”. It's a live performance but she KILLS it!

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