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Bands people never heard of?

TheDude [staff]
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Diego's Umbrella
that's a really cool band name, man.
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Jody has a Hitlist
Octane ok
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Glad you liked it.
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Exploding White Mice
bass freak
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I checked out Azoto, a bit too Disco for my liking!
Oh bass freak, c'mon man, get down & boogie!!
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Lee Presson and the Nails.
The Best Kept Secrete, Wild Angle
Private Radio, a Russian ska-punk band the kicks ass. The sing in English not Russian, to clarify. Here's their homepage http://www.privateradiomusic.com/ They have a torrent of all their music, http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=486284.

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