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Bands people never heard of?

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Hey bassm99 - I Love Delays!
ergs! d.o.a tsunami bomb. wizo. anti system. social unrest millions of dead cops. oh SEND MORE PARAMEDICS ( BLOOD FEVER N ZOMBIE CREw ) the facet. mr t experience . dollyrots. uk subs. propaghandi. op ivy. blitzkid. minor threat. regan youth. ill repute. DI. monster masher. the bettys.
blood & glory. blood for blood. dayglo abortions.
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I used to listen to lots of these bands, slamingerrrrrr! I have a friend who still remembers the first time I played some MDC for him back in about 1982. Cheers.
i love my music. MDC is awesome.
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Here is an obscure one! Anyone ever heard of a band called Azoto? Italian Artist from ‘78/’79, only ever released 2 albums. Brilliant Disco at it's best
bass freak
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Can't say that I have softcell62. To be honest disco was never my thing!
OMG! Someone else that has heard of Azoto. I thought I was the only one. Discovered them on you tube by accident, best mistake I ever made!
OMG! Part 2! Endgames & The Mood! Wow! Another 2 bands that are so obscure I thought I was the only fan, Love those bands.
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