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New Tab Ratings

LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1930
You might notice that almost every tab on the “new bass tabs” page has been rated one star; other tabs which were already rated have had their ratings lowered.

You can thank our recently banned former regulars for this. It seems they're no longer content with simply pestering the admins or creating multiple new user accounts. They've now decided to take their anger out on those who don't deserve it – you, the BBT tabbers.

I've gone out of my way to maintain civility with these banned members, who continued communicating with me in private while all this stuff initially went down. But now they've shown their true colors, and have revealed the caliber of person they are. And those colors are petty and low-minded, and that caliber is very, very small.

The tabbers never did anything to you, so stop taking your bullshit out on them. And now that you've shown how little regard you have for people here who never did anything to you, don't expect me to be friendly anymore.

Grow up and move on. You're finished here.
Danny told me something about that a few hours ago but I didn't really understand it
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1930
I had no intention of airing dirty laundry publicly, and I feel like I've lowered myself starting this thread, but like I said, this isn't kosher. If they have a problem with the admins, they should keep it between them and the admins. Now they've dragged every member here into it. All those tabs, the authors worked so hard on them, and now there's no chance they'll ever have a five star rating because Danny, or Slam, or both, are basically stomping their feet like rotten little five year olds who didn't get their way and now want to make a scene and ruin the party for everyone.

Like I said – grow the hell up, and leave the members here, and their tabs, alone.
It's his minions
Posts: 110
what a shame!..
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1930
Regardless, I hope the admins are able to undo the ratings. For instance, Sid just submitted a number of Clash songs, all of which are now going to be stuck with one-star ratings despite every regular here knowing good and well that Sid's stuff is routinely some of the best on the site. But anyone who happens to be passing through will see those one stars and not give those tabs a look. So Sid is in effect being punished just for being a member here. And he's only one of many that Danny and/or Slam (whichever of them are behind this) are dicking over, despite none of them having had anything to do with what went down over the last several days.

So. Act like a punk ass bitch, and I'll call you out like a punk ass bitch. Defend your actions, boys. I'd love to hear you attempt to rationally justify this.
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Well said Loudlon. Their conduct has been extremely childish and mean-spirited. Complaining to us admins and Lon or even calling us names is fine, whatever, but doing stuff like this only makes it harder for people who love playing bass to find tabs and enjoy what they like doing most.

People with huge but frail egos love attention (obviously more than music) and I think that all these silly happenings just go to show that it's best to ignore these kinds of people and just continue playing bass, being positive and being great to each other.

We just wrote the code for this site, but it's people who write tabs, and people who engage in discussion here that make this site what it is. So going forward I'd just like to urge BBTers to continue being good to each other and ignore negative dudes, because these site is yours as much as it is ours : )
Posts: 1499
I don't know if I am the only one in the dark here, but (other than Slam) who are the recently banned regulars? I read why Slam was banned, but I had not heard that anyone else had been. And why?

Who is Linkin referring to when he says “it's his minions” - who is he and who are the minions? Looking back at the logs, have Danny and Slam had different IPs or have they always been the same? Are they different people or not? If not, how many “personalities” did/does Slam/Danny have - what usernames?

If the admins would care to, I'd like to hear the whole story.

And I agree with Lon in that I hope the vindictive ratings made today can be removed. I don't know what I did to make Slam/Danny mad at me. Pretty petty, but they're only tabs, after all.
Sid, by “His” I mean Danny's. And the only banned people have been Slam, Danny, and I. That's the only people I know of
Oh and Danny appeared to have different IPs. Slam and I were on it and Johnny kept banning Slam's IP but Slam continued to change his IP
Posts: 1499
So you were banned, but now you're not? Why were you banned and what penance did you pay to get unbanned?

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