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New Tab Ratings

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A rating is far more informative than the number of views (except in the cases of the jerk-holes mentioned by LoudLon). It is based on someone's attempting to use the tab to play a song. And yes, you can't please all the people. The way I like a tab to be formatted doesn't work for everyone. A working musician's tab is going to be very different from a tab attempting to show every note played in the recording. Which means that even a good tab can get a not-so-good rating because it just doesn't work for the way that person thinks.

The number of views includes not only the number of times a living, bass-playing human looks at the tab - it also includes all the views by the bots and spiders searching the net. It is largely meaningless if you are trying to ascertain how many humans have found the tab useful. If you want a tab to gets lots of views tab a song with a title that a bot/spider's code will interpret as potentially leading to a bank account. Fistfull of Dollars has the better of 14,000 views; the nearest any other song by the same band can come is about 750 views.
TheDude [staff]
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the thing is, if we're ever going to simplify the system and display a single version of a song instead of all 20 of them, we need a way to decide which one comes first. and weighed ratings are clearly the best way to do that. but since only 60% of all content actually has a rating, this is going to be a problem.
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Maybe scrap the views & the ratings & just have the comments section? Somehow I don't think you are going to find a 100% satisfactory solution.
Thanks for the feedback guys. It was just a thought to try & suggest a better rating function. I don't think there is a perfect solution to solve it. I personally don't like the ratings system but I do rate things especially if i've enjoyed it or it's helped me.
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I propose Link sets aside a good portion of the rest of his life and reviews all the tabs.

I'd go alphabetically. Just to help keep it organized.

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