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Thanks to Linkinpark

LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1907
“Uncle Lon.” I like it. It beats what my nieces and nephews call me now – just plain old “Uncle.” I'm the only one they have, so they don't even bother adding my name on it!
Thanks guys! and sweet, I get to be the little brother
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hey we may be dysfunctional but we are still a family

LOL! I like that, Slamingerrr!
SO if we're a family then: the dude is godfather, and johhny is headmaster, sid is father, lon is uncle Lon and 5 string guy, as well , marko is big bro, linkin is little brother, twiggy, gerr, and punk bass man, are cousins, slamingerr and melvinmassacre are big bros, mari is sister. lovethe80s,softcell62, duranduranfan, icehouse, bassm99, jt, Lp, and bass freak are the second part of the family which fall into cousins and uncles. Somebody needs to draw a family tree and post it up .

Guess that makes me the red-headed step-child ;p
lol so chuck does that mean i get to beat you like a red headed step child?
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Dad (Sid) brother slamingerr is scaring me using chuck again!!
Like Danny said, someone should make a family tree!
oh ya buncha monkeys settle down. stay outta my family tree

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