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White Stripes — Seven Nation Army (ver 5) bass tabs

It's pretty pathetic the way people only know how to play it on one string. or in the wrong 
spot. Here it is. If you have any arguments, take it up with jack white. not me.

standard tuning EADG 4 string bass

G ————————————————
D ————————————————
A 7—7—10——7———————
E ——————————10—8—7

G ———————————————————————————
D ———————————————————————————
A 7—7—10——7——————————————————
E ——————————10—8——10—/—8——7


Three main parts of the song. You can put them in order. It's not brain surgery.

Tablature player for this song:
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (ver 5) Bass Tab

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