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Tool — Disposition (ver 2) bass tabs

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AND: Tool
SONG: Disposition
ALBUM: Lateralus

Tabbed out by: bassist5401

Tuned down to D (DADG)

On this song Justin uses a Boss Delay and a Digitech Bass Whammy ( good luck trying to find
one of these bitches )

( ) will indicate when a harmonic is used

> this will indicate when JC rocks forward on the whammy while hitting the note

< this will indicate when he rocks back on the whammy while hitting the note

Delay On


Whammy On (rocked back)
( if you have a digitech whammy the setting is 5th/1 up Octave )
( if you have a boss processor like me with the effect called "pedal bend" set it to 1 octave
up )

d!—————————2—2—2————————2—2—2>—2< indicates a quick rock forward then rock back
g!——————————————————14———————————! —————16—16>—————16—————16—2—————16—————16—————16

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Tool - Disposition (ver 2) Bass Tab

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