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Tool — Disposition bass tabs

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Tabbed by Matt Marchain (DirectR3@aol.com)

—(x)— = natural harmonic
—===— = ring out
—/— = slide up/down

For those new to the bass or any fretted instrument, a natural harmonic can be acheived
placing a finger directly over a key fret(the metal lines). Try it on your E. Place your
index finger on the string right over the fret between 12 and 13 and pluck or pick the string.
Wow! The string vibrates. Now do it again, only this time, release the string just as
pluck it. Gee, it holds the tone for quite a while. Now try it on the 5—6 fret, the 7—8 fret,
and the 19—20 fret of any string! Jesus, one more thing I gotta learn!

This song is perfect for someone learning harmonics.
Chancellor uses some sort of delay or echo here, I sure of it.

The long intro

Ignore your hand's cramping and move on...

After guitar moves in to support to song, change to this (careful, these are

Interesting slow riff
G|———9——11——14| |———9——11———11———————|———9——116—116—————————|
D|—9———————————| |—9——————11———11—————|—9——————————————————————|
A|—————————————| |————————————————————|————————————————————————|
E|—————————————| |————————————————————|————————————————————————|
The variation he does is hard to tab because
of the effect, but it sounds like either of
these two.

That's all you need for this song. As it slows down, start to fall apart
with the rest of the
band as it blends into the next track: Reflection.

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