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Tollbooth — The Last World War bass tabs

Artist: Tollbooth
Song: The Last World War
Album: Their demo tape, not sure what its called
Tabber: Vivek Mahbubani
Tuning: Standard (G, D, A, E)
Note: Tollbooth? whos that!, their a pretty new band of European boys from the
South China Area, their homepage is at http://tollbooth.homepad.com/.
everyone in the HK area remember to checkout Night Life in Late February,
Tollbooth, Facist Giraffe, Hyponic and Tiffany's Band should all be playing.
This is basically what came of Martial Law, I went to the band practice one day
and it was an update cause martial law's lyrics didn't fit the riff's.
bare with me.

x = Dead Note
(6) = maybe its played, can't remember/tell
6p5 = Pull off
~ = Let the note ring (tremolo)

Verse (sometimes they use dead notes, but that might just be guitar)

Verse Variation

Solo & Chorus & Bridge

Final bit (I think this was recorded)

Tablature player for this song:


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