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Who? or what band? is your reason for being a Bassist?

All the women in that video have hepatitis.

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Geezer Butler and Lemmy Kilmister for me
Both very different in term of playing styles and techniques
finger vs pick and busy jazz grooves vs all out aggressive rhythm attack
im very much in the lemmy camp when it comes to playing style due to my love of old school british punk and metal and favoring the use of a pick
but how i wish i could lay down a groove like Mr Butler
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that documenary was awesome. watched it twice
man Nikki was young there lol
LoudLon [moderator]
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They all were. Except Mick. I believe he was already pushing 30 by the time he joined Motley, so he was in his mid-30s when that doc was made.
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Mick mars was born in 1951 and he was 30 when he answered the ad for the band which was in 1980 and Nikki was 22 when he met mick mars.
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so yup mick marks was 35 in the Doc
For me it's Cliff Burton and John Myung hands down. Two of the greatest bass players to ever play metal.
Cliff Burton after watching “Cliff-em All” in the early 90's.
François Mongrain, Éric Langlois, Alex Webster (of course), Chris Richards. Their tones, their basslines, it is what made me love bass…
Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, and Geezer Butler.

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