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Who? or what band? is your reason for being a Bassist?

It was Michael Anthony's pounding bass lines in early Van Halen for me.
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I first saw Mick Mars from Motley Crue adn wanted to play guitar so soon after i began playing an acoustic guitar and then i saw Flea and Twiggy Ramirez and thought they were the coolest looking dudes ever with twiggy and his huge dreadlocks and i saw he was holding a diffrent type of instrument and i discovered it was a bass guitar and my dad one night was playing smoking in the boys by motley crue and i saw someone holding the same instrument and i said to my dad i want to be just like that guy and it was Nikki Sixx and i have been playing bass ever since.
soon after i saw Geddy Lee from Rushand Robby Tacak from Goo Goo Dolls and thought they were all amzing so i have a few influences but each one of them are why i play bass plus i just didn't like guitars i thought bass was better because it is bigger and louder
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm a big Mick Mars fan, myself. He was always my favorite guy in Crue. You always heard about Tommy and Vince and Nikki getting into all kinds of trouble and shit, but Mick was the more laid back guy, kind of kept to himself even on-stage, but that dude could play.
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He was the dude that would always say to Vince, Neil and Nikki, your gonan get in trouble lol
it is sad he is sufferign right now tho
bass freak
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Peter Hook from Joy Division.
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Well, I always loved music, always enjoyed various styles. I played guitar when I was a teenager. However, I have a band that inspired me to play bass: Duran Duran. It all started when I went to a DD show in my town, in 2008. John Taylor's talent, resourcefulness and joy in playing the bass, caught my attention. And I thought, I want to play some sound of John.
Since then, I began to search a lot of songs from Duran Duran, and want to know more bass lines of JT. There is always something new to discover.
I always try to vary my repertoire, I prefer bands that began at 80's, are the sounds of bass that I like.
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But my overall love for wanting to be a musician aside from teh bass players and guitar player (mick mars) that drove me to music.
There were Two

Eddie Money (wow big surprise)

David Bowie
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Back in high school I had the VHS tape “Motley Crue Uncensored.” Had a bit where Mick hit the gas to show off his red Stingray and got pulled over. I literally played that tape so many times I wore it out. I found another copy at a flea market about ten years ago but have only watched it once, so as not to wear that one out, too.

Incidentally, I just checked and it's on YouTube…

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oh sweet my day just got better

thanks lon
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All the women in that video have hepatitis.

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