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The introductions thread!

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My name is John. Duh. I started playing bass many moons ago but gave it up for the domesticated life and an acoustic guitar. Now that I'm divorced (4 years, she passed away last year) and the kids are all grown up and on their own I have the freedom (and the disposable income) to do what I want. I've been through about 4 different acoustic guitars and now I've got another bass. Man, am I rusty. If you see me around the forums be aware that I can be very sarcastic and not always serious. I live for music and have a wealth of knowledge for the old stuff. And I don't relegate myself to just one genre. Most of the new music doesn't interest me much. I look forward to learning some tunes and brushing up on the ones I used to play.
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Good to have you aboard John, I do a good line in sarcasm too
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Hi John! Sorry to hear about your kids' mom. That sounds really sad.

But welcome. You sound like many of us who put music on the back burner for real life shit for a while, but it's slowly calling you back.

I too enjoy the more “classic” stuff over the new music that's out today.

My MIL would always say, “sarcasm is the lowest form of witt.” But that's only because she didn't ‘get it’. I love the stuff.
TheDude [staff]
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bumping this thread so that hopefully the new members (and we have quite a few!) introduce themselves.
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Hi guys, started on a bass, got sidetracked with a guitar, spent to many years on drums and now I'm back on a bass, and I suck at it, no really, I do.
But I'm practicing every day…..
LoudLon [moderator]
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Welcome aboard. Plenty of knowledgeable (and friendly) folks around here so feel free to jump right in and if there's anything you need to know, rest assured there's someone here who knows it.
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Yes, welcome to the family, LoudLon is the Oracle and pretty much covered it in his welcoming you. ALL HAIL THE ORACLE lol {still no smilies}
TheDude [staff]
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what do you mean no smileys?
Hello. My full name name is William Eric Stuart. I am thirteen years of age, and I am a beginner bass guitar player. My inspiration and favourite musician is Sam Roberts (and band). I really like this site, but it has no Sam Roberts tabs.
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Welcome William. There's a way to request a tab for a specific song here at BBT. If you are seeking Sam Roberts tabs, I suggest you make a specific request. Cheers.

Ah - I see that you have. Good on you. Now wait and hope that someone tabs it!

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