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The introductions thread!

johnny [staff]
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Hey sno! congratulations on kicking the drug habit! Music is a drug as well, but the kind that makes your life and the life of people around you better, so keep on playing!
hey, im 15 and is new to bass. Trying to play some metallica and some nirvana…thats why im here.
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Welcome Duran Duran Fan! Like you I have no tabbing skills & I'm quite a poor player but that's never going to stop me having a go & the tabs on here are really helpful as are the other members on this site.
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Welcome Duran Duran Fan, the more Duranies on here the better!!! Not that I'm biased in any way This is a good site to belong to, very friendly & as softcell62 says very helpful. Have fun.
Guess I should stop in and say hello. Picked up my bass in 1975 and played until the early ‘80s. Played on and off during the whole school, raise a family, go to work thing… picked it back up three years ago after a divorce and have been jamming steady everyday since.

What just still floors me is when I first started back in the ’70s, it was all by ear if you did not read music sheets. Tabs are fricken awesome! Perfect example is a great song by Stanley Clarke called School Days. Just realized by the tabs on this site I had it wrong over 35 years. It's all in the details!

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Hey zombiewolf,
I remember trying to figure out someway to write down songs back in the early 1980s, when I didn't know how to read or write music. Like you said, it was all by ear. I sure would have liked to know about tabs then - some of the things that I tried to write using musical notation (when I didn't know how to write music) just don't make much sense to me now.
Hey everyone!

I've been meaning to drop in and say hi for a while, but time is always so scarce lately. Anyway, I'm 23 and I've justed started playing about a month or so ago. As you can imagine, I'm absolutely no good and between school and the factory, its hard to find time, but I'm not an impatient man and I know I'll get better eventually. I do wish that I could actually go take lessons, but it's not in the cards at the moment so for now, I'm learning with RockSmith (the game where you use an actual guitar). Its not optimal but I'm just not content watching from the sidelines anymore.

Anyway, I'm sure I've rambled enough. I hope to learn a lot from everyone here. Thanks for being so welcoming guys.

- Sackbass
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Greetings fat stringers,

Been playing bass for about a year, self taught. Use tabs and instruction books to learn scales and music theory. Great hobby , love all types of music…rock, blues, pop, salsa, r &b , funk and a little classical I can tolerate country.

Two play uncles play guitar, cousin is a metal drummer and other cousin a Dj and two other cousins are percussionist. It's in the blood and fun to play with the experience they have.

I know whoopsie dee doo, 37 years old and tryin to train my ear to pick up basslines. Most recent was bang on drum all day by Todd rundgren and batuka by Santana.

Paul McCartney, Noel redding and James jamerson are my favs

Looking fwd to more topics and discussions

Keep your strings fat brah
Hey guys, what happens to a tab when it disappears from the requests section? My wife's birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I wanted to learn a few of her favorite songs to play for her, but they don't seem to be in the reqiests section anymore, and I can't find them anywhere, nor am I anywhere near good enough to figure them out right now.

I know this probably isn't the right place to post this but maybe someone will read it and help me out.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
Tab requests get cycled out, unfortunately. There's a much bigger influx of request than there are submits. You can try and submit again or even make a forum post about the song and we can help you out.

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