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Playing with Fingers or a pick?

Whaaaat? Hagar?????? You're the first I know to ever say that besides my dad. And I'm not the only one who can't stand AC/DC?! Thank god! Hallelujah.
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i don't like them because they alwasy sound the same but that doesn't mean i don't respect them tho

and yes Hagar kicked ass and i alwasy take shit for that so is is nothing new lol
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The Hagar vs Roth debate could be a multi-page thread on its own.

I preferred the VH music more with Hagar. I'm being honest here. I think musically, the songs were better arranged and were a bit more mature. Plus Hagar was/is a decent guitarist, and he brought that to the table.

Roth was just a better showman. Vocally I think Roth had more range than Hagar, but the Roth era of music was more raw and focused on Eddie's style of play at that time.

VH is like Rush. You either love them or hate them.

But without question, if your name is Mike, and you were born prior to 1970 there is a good chance that at one point you owned a 1980s era Chevy Camaro with T-tops, and you had VH's 1984 cassette in arm's reach in your car.
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thank you finally someone is on my side lol :p
no its because my fathers favourite band from the beginning was Van Halen and i am always teasing him about Hager but i agree the songs we better

Why Can't This Be Love
Can't Stop Lovin' You
Dreams (Classic)

I totally agree with this
LoudLon [moderator]
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In my early teens I was all about Van Halen. Had all their cassettes and a couple on vinyl. It made me sad when MTV announced Roth left the band and was being replaced by Hagar. I liked Sammy (I Can't Drive 55 was a big hit back in those days) but I didn't have high hopes. Then I heard 5150, and it was the best VH album I'd ever heard.

I totally agree with Mark, and like I said earlier, I think Roth was the better front man (more energetic and charismatic) but Hagar made them a better band musically.
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who of course Roth was a better front man. there is no arguing that in out cozy little psot we have here. no way but for me hager had more of a voice.
Someone here said VH was the only good album but no no no 5150 was a great album and Dreams blew me away when i heard it in 1996.

I agree with Loudlon 150%. Roth was a better front man. look image energy (Martal arts on stage ) but hager had the voice and why can;t thsi be love i think was the first van halen song i heard and i was young and i thought wow what is that and my father being a van halen fan from teh beginning said That's van halen and i saw hooked and then of course i heard jump and PANAMA (i caps lock it because the song kicks soooo much ass lol)
did anybody like 1984? that was roths last album.
Hot for Teacher ;P
LoudLon [moderator]
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1984 was the balls. Panama (agree, great song, and really fun to play on guitar, though I've never tried it on bass), Jump, I'll Wait, Hot for Teacher – all great tracks.
Panama is pretty repetitive. Super simple.
VH songs really suck on bass. You really have to improvise to make it interesting. Especially on Runnin' With The Devil.

Twiggy that's the same reason I don't like AC/DC. Woah. That's also why I don't like Airbourne, they're just an Australian copy
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some tabs are easy and some are not so easy.
some are fun and some are rythm but 1984 was the balls…rigth on the ground.

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