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Tab Edits

Melvin I always skip tabs that are 3 or lower

My point exactly.
Yeah I know exactly what you mean by people skip over it. Like if there's just one tab of a song that low I'll look at it unless there's another tab that's higher
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I'll look at a tab regardless of rating. I'll decide if the tab is useful or not for my needs.
Ratings are not always accurate.
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good point softcell62
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Well said softcell62.
I just want to thank everyone who has rated my Pins and Needles tab, and subsequently brought it up to a fair rating. I greatly appreciate it!!
LoudLon [moderator]
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I frequently update my tabs as I'm always looking to tighten up my format. I'll go back in and edit in bits of the legend, space out cramped sixteenth notes, stuff like that.

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