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Tab Edits

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So, I recently posted a tab, which has received 1 1/2 stars so far. Why, I don't know; it sounds okay to me. I put a lot of time into them, so I don't know what went wrong. Anyhow, I'm starting this thread because I thought it would be a convenient way to let everyone know major edits you've made to one of your tabs. That way people can go back and look at a more accurate tab, and reconsider their rating. Cheers!
Well my tabs are pretty correct usually because a lot of the bands I listen to that have 2 guitars the bass follows rhythm except most KOL. And then on certain Manson songs the bass follows the guitar and has the same fretting. Made edits to a few recently p
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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i can check it out if you want melvin, and let you know if it sounds good
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Sounds fine i dont see why you got that low of a rating. maybe someone has a grudge against you or something like that. Other than that i rated 5 cause its a good tab and you did an excellent job bro
bass freak
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I hope no one has a grudge against you melvin, that would be very unfair to poorly rate any of your tabs. If Danny has okayed it then you know it's good.
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Well my tabs are pretty correct usually ....

Ahhh…to be 14 again, and invincible, immortal, and infallible.

Good on you, Danny, for checking Melvin's tab!

This thread is a good idea, Melvin, but since we have no forum sections nor any stickies, it will soon be buried pages deep and never seen.

What I have done when I've had to correct a poor tab is to add a note near the top of the tab stating ‘corrected on DD/MM/YYYY’ In theory, that will allow someone who has looked at an earlier version of the tab to see that it has been improved since they used/rated it.

And sometimes, as in this case, you just can't make all the bassists happy all the time. Don't sweat it, if possible!
But on the odd occasion someone likes to come and give two or one star(s) on a tab for no reason and it kind of pisses me off
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If that does happen then it's wrong for no reason but there is not really much you can do about it. As Sid says you just have to let it go
I made a correction to the Intro/Pre-Verse/Outro of Pins and Needles. I think I put an extra note in at the end of it that wasn't there; I also changed one of the notes. It sounds better to me now. It's still better than a 2 I think.

With that said, thank you all for the support and feedback. It's just another reminder of why this website is so awesome. A special thanks to Danny for the compliment.

I'll tell you, the only reason that the low rating bothers me is because I know that someone wanting to learn it is going to find it, see that it's a low rating, and not look at it. It completely ruins a perfectly good tab for people, and it's not fair to the person wanting to learn it.

I do agree that I needn't worry about it, and there's really nothing I can do. I know that my TBM tabs are the best, and that's all that really matters.
Melvin I always skip tabs that are 3 or lower
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I didn't rate the song. I only rate songs I know. I have no idea who birthday massacre is, but maybe they gave u a low rating because it's all on one string. I don't personally think you should give someone a low rating for that. Just an observation. Besides every website has trolls, so maybe your a victim of a tab rating troll.

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