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Everyone preorder your LoudLon t-shirts!

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LoudLon you're a very naughty boy!
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1930
Nah, just self-deprecating. I need to be to prove my good looks haven't made me conceited.
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You may be many things Lon but never conceited
I need proof of this furry rodent
Posts: 461
Now linkin, that comment could be taken the wrong way
Posts: 461
I mean do you really want to know about Lon's furry rodent? Kinky!
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I once had a small mammal in my ass. Couldn't get it out, so I sent in a gopher snake. That took care of the furry squatter, but created another problem. In went my pet mongoose (icky icky tavi he was called)…not sure what to do next.
I'm not sure if Sid's story is real or not…
bass freak
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Just seen Lon has had a tab added for Miss Gradenko by The Police. Looking forward to giving that a try this week. Love The Police!

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