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Is the bass's difficulty above the kazoo or the drums and kazoo?

LoudLon [moderator]
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Crap, I mis-spoke again! I do use my ring finger, but only when popping.

Jesus, Lon. Get it together…
Dammit Lon, c'mon man! Just messing with you. I'm sure you're far better than I am
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Well Bass Freak, if you had been paying attention you would know that Mayhem attacked me for making a comment which had nothing to do with bass playing but was relevant to the actual thread, then he made a point of hunting me down at every opportunity and dissing anything I said. So this is the last fucking straw, I'm gonna log out now and @$!# the lot of you, bye
johnny [staff]
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hey, i removed a couple of posts - some of them have been reported and I have deemed them inappropriate. others had to go because they made no sense without the deleted ones.

please be nice to each other, thanks
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Oh wow Marko! What a complete TOOL you are! Bass freak said it all & I agree 100%.
I'm looking forward to mayhem's response
RIP Marko!
bass freak
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Marko! Did mayhem really attack you? I do pay attention & I think not. He raised a couple of points. You have every right to disagree & defend yourself as does anyone else but you could have been more diplomatic about it.
Your post that has now been deleted was just plain nasty, totally not needed in this forum.
Your response is to now start swearing with a final goodbye! Like I said in my post that has been deleted, that is just plain childish!
So as you have said your final goodbye you probably won't read this.
I don't really like to see anyone leave but after showing your true colours I'm not going to miss you.
bass freak
Posts: 320
To everyone else & to the staff of BBT I do apologise if any of the posts that I participated in here offended anyone. I saw Marko's posts & I just saw red.
Personal attacks on each other is not cool & never deserved. I felt I need to say something to defend mayhem this time, but I would defend anyone in here if the same thing happend.
Like LoudLon has posted in another thread i'm here just to have fun & talk about music. Hopefully I can/we can all get back to that.
Once again sorry to participate in any unpleasantness.
Posts: 256
Don't worry about it bass freak, you acted in good faith & with honour. No need to say sorry. The person who needs to apologise seems to have bolted out of here forever.
I agree we don't want people leaving the site but if you can't arugue out points in a sensible fashion within the threads then maybe this is not the place for you to be part of.
I didn't agree with what Marko wrote, he was out of order.
In some respect i'm glad mayhem never got to see it.
Let's just get back to the music, that is what we are all here for!
bass freak
Posts: 320
Thanks icehouse1, thank you for the support. I'm still seething but I'll calm down & get over it. As you say let's get back to the music & just have fun in here without the negative aspects creeping in.
Yeah no attacks were made. Just attacks on musicians

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