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Who's the biggest influence on your style and sound?

KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Probably guys like Burning Spear, Robbie Shakespeare, Aston Barrett, Ronnie McQueen, etc. I'm a big fan of roots reggae mostly because of the bass and percussions. Especially the masterful way in which they use pauses. I'd suggest all players to check them out even if you aren't a fan of reggae.
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I love Aston Barretts work
My favorite bass player is Les Claypool so I think he influences me the most. A lot of the bass lines I write kind of have that almost avant-garde sound to them.
Quote: You have to slap AND pop, it's a complete system. I'm not a fan of slap and pop, to me it was just an embarrassing fad like the fashion to wear your bass right under your chin back in the 80s. There's only one song that I'll play with slap in it and that Take The Power Back by Rage Against The Machine, check it out Yeah that's true, you can't just pop it. However Fieldy of Korn just slaps 97 percent of the time. But I've never been big on it neither.
I like the slap/pop technique, but I'm more of a tapping guy myself. Nothing wrong with slap or pop though.
I'd say billy sheehan. I'm not nearly as good as him though.
Only person that I can think of that is a challenge for Billy is John Myung from Dream Theater.

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