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Which bass is best?

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I'm looking at a Goth Gibson Thunderbird, Les Paul bass, Jackson JS2 concert series bass. I record the bass in my band and I'm wondering which one would be best for my style. We play stuff like Kings of Leon, Marilyn Manson (heavily), and a bit of Megadeth. I know KOL and Twiggy And Fred from Manson use the Thunderbird and I love their sound but his old bassist Tim Skold used the Les Paul bass and I also liked its sound. But the Jackson also sounds amazing and David Ellefson of Megadeth use it. I am not planning on buying these because of the bands but because of the sounds the bands get from them. My band is going for somewhat of a cross over of thrash and industrial metal
Rickenbacker they are the best basses ever

In this case it's all a matter of opinion. I personally prefer Ibanez basses. Then you also have to look at the strings they use as well. I would recommend that you sample all possibilities before you decide. Experiment with string and bass combos too.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Les paul is just a name like apple is in the tablet and computer industry its not the best but people buy it because of the name, but in my opinion, the music man bass series is great and reliable, as so is any 5 string ibanez bass reliable, durable, excellent and doesnt have that anoyying fret buzz like the fender basses have
LoudLon [moderator]
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Not to undermine anyone but for me it's not about brand, or price, or color, or if it's a signature series or even if it's the same bass your favorite bassist plays. In the past I've owned Fender, ESP, Hamer, Peavey and Ibanez basses but none of them felt as good to strap on and play as my Austin, which is low-end compared to those others. It's all about which one feels most comfortable when you strap it on, which one fits YOU, as an individual, the best. My two cents.
Hofner violin bass would be my choice.
Rickenbackers are nice too.
Build one yourself for your comfort and style.

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I agree with LoudLon 100%, whatever bass feels the best for YOU is the best bass.
bass freak
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I like Rickenbacker because of Hooky from Joy Division. Played it for so long it feels comfortable to me. I think LoudLon & bassm99 make good points that you should really play what suits you rather than copy because of your hero like I did.
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play whats responsive and feels nice to you, you will probly never sound the same as those dudes you like. amplification and effects also plays a huge role in that. putting more dolars into amplification i think is worth it once you have a bass you get along with very well. and get your bass setup properly!!! half the stuff you pick up at guitar center is out of wack. my old 200 dolar ibanez was more enjoyable then a couple rickenbackers i played at a shop.

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