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Which bass is best?

Ell todo
Posts: 15
I agree with buga, if you haven't already done so get yourself in front of a serious rig. You can get a feel for how much the axe affects the sound and also how important the rig is too. I have a $700 Ibanez that is awesome through my amp and 8x10s. By the same token I've played $5000 basses and thought "this would be great with decent pickups. Also setup too! And last detail figure out what neck shape is for you. For example I can't play a Jazz neck.
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Buga and Ell todo make good points. The bass that's the best for me (so far anyway) is the first good quality bass I ever owned - a 1977 Ibanez Silver Series jazz bass. Every other bass I check out comes down to the question of which would I pick up to play, this or the Silver Series?

And the most important thing about a bass, for me, is the neck. I love a skinny jazz neck. Next are the pick ups - some are just too thick and muddy for my tastes. I haven't liked a Bartolini yet, for example.

And a good rig is huge in your sound. I was amazed at the difference a great amp made.
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If it's sound you're after get yourself a Line Six Variaxe Bass 700 and a Line Six Lowdown amp, they feature modelling technology so you can play any Bass/Amp combination with just these. My lead guitarist has a Line Six Spider amp, it's only 75 watts but I can't hear my TNT 150 over it, plus it's got a function where he inputs a song into it, let's say ‘Sweet Child o Mine’ and it automatically sounds like Slashs tone on the song, AMAZING

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