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Considering getting a new bass

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What type of bass should i get i travel alot and my expensive ones stay at the house. 800 or under
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My main bass is a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. It has a P/J pickup design and oh man can that thing be a tone machine. They are a little over 800 sticker price but I got mine for a little cheaper, if you can do that, it is definitely worth it. Here is a pic of mine.
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800 pounds sterling? 800 dollars U S? 800 shekels? 800 yen? 800 euros? This is very important
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I'm also confused as to wether your after a bass to take on your travels or is this the stay at home , £800 gets you a lot of bass especially used
800 us. My baby is a rickenbacker 4003 fireglo. Any other suggetions
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If you're traveling outside of the US, be careful what you buy. US Customs agents are confiscating anything with Rosewood.
I travel alot within the US almost every weekend, but idk what to get. P bass maybe, thunderbird, any thoughts thanks
i even thoght of getting an epiphone sg bass. just to have something dif.
Any thoughts
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You could pick up a MIM Fender PBass for about $800.
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Ibanez sr. you could get a premium variant which is lot of bass for the money. Active pickups and exotic woods

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