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Band Name

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I still like Virgin Bloodbath lol
LoudLon [moderator]
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Than you so much! any thoughts on band names though

I liked the one you mentioned, “Outburst.” It implies loud, aggressive rock, which I dig.

When I was in the Army some buddies and I put together a lip sync video concert. We called our “band” Dead Cat Rigormortis.
I think we will go with outburst and my twin the drummer will like it to. Are there any other bass forums on other websites yall recomend
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Yeah, Big Bass Tabs
LoudLon [moderator]
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Well, we don't have the most active forum, but hey, we're bassists. Bassists are always the quiet guys in the band.

But any question you might have, feel free to ask. We've got plenty of knowledgeable folks here who are happy to help if asked.
old hippie
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That's definitely true about the “bassists always being the quiet guys in the band”, LoudLon. To steal someone else's quote, I don't know who said it. If I did I would give credit, but, “The drum is the heartbeat, and the bass is the backbone of music”. - unknown (for the moment)
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We were going to change our name from the above to “slightly optimistic of not drinking all our fee at the bar,again ”
but thought better of it once we sobered up as this would be actually rather ambitious

Regardless of name just get out and do it ,we didn't start gigging til our 40/50s and punk rock is not exactly an easy sell for these days

But its fun trying ☺

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The first band my son played drums for when he was a teenager was called ‘Vicious Circle’ which I thought was pretty cool
that sounds cool. we have gotten our band together we need a rythym guitar payer and i think we found one but we are set to play easter. we are opening with rocking in the free world by neil young

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