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Band Name

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I am 15 years old and am new to Big bass tab. I Like what I have seen so far. I am starting a band and we are trying to find a really funny/cool name. Our list so far includes “Charlie and his milk men” “all directions” “topless blender” and a few others. I noticed the forums and decided to ask you guys. thanks!
fyi- I just got a Schechter stiletto extreme 4 and am loving it.
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Me and a few lads used to jam together and if we got serious, ‘Virgin Bloodbath’ was the favourite name on the list, it certainly gets attention
mr zee
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The 2nd last band I was in was called “Bad Voodoo” and we played AC/DC covers, heres an idea free willy n the zippers
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'Dicky Hart and the Pacemakers' is a good un but taken, although I'm not sure if they are still together, I also like ‘Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead’
johnny [staff]
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I like “The shitty Beatles”
mr zee
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‘Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead’ whopper
LOL like um. our first gig is in 2 weeks
we might do the band name unplugged
Lots of funny names out there. I like ‘em short and catchy. How ’bout “Disclaimer”?
Nice! will suggest to the rest of the band.
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I think airhorn is a good name.

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