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I hate playing with a pick

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Yeah that's how I do it, he used to be my window cleaner so he nicked it off me

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Watch the master at work…

His arms are so still! He barely moves from the wrist up - how? That should be impossible, but obviously it isn't!

But the bigger question is how did he get the drummer to just play that groove, with no fills or changes, the whole time? I guess he has more clout, in addition to the skill, than I do…

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…pretty much
Thanks, that Dethklok video is really helpful. I didn't think I could learn so much from a cartoon band.

Also, John Entwhistle was amazing.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Entwhistle makes it look easy, but bear in mind he's had fifty years of practice and experience. Practice makes you that good; experience keeps you that good. So start practicing, and gain experience.
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Fingers,wot no Geezer

Come on now
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I can use a pick but it's the fingers for me!
Played with my fingers until I got roped into a buddy's punk band. Switched to a pick, had the same issues with sweat and the picks turning in my hand. The Dunlop gator grip picks in the heaviest thickness I could find worked great to solve the grip problem without me having to hold on for dear life. Feel like my finger playing abilities have suffered since the switch though. Do what you like and to hell with the rules.
I'm not keen using a pick but I get by with one when I have to.
A think finger style is easier because of muting. The attack of a pick can be achieved by using finger picks.

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