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I hate playing with a pick

I think there is a potential video lesson from Jay explaining the finger and pick techniques!
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I find Jay entertaining so I would watch it.
i personally a plucker but there also many benefits of picking
For me it varies for the situation and depends a lot on what tone I want. if I want a smoother tone I go with my fingers. If I want to attack the strings more and put more energy in it then a plectrum gives me a more satisfying tone overtime. I have a 2mm plectrum that I especially love.
Same. I really only use a pick with playing heavier metal and faster music. Otherwise I'll pass on using a pick. Plucking and slapping is the way to go.
I have a lot's of picks. Different shapes and colors. They all are somewhere bottom of my drawer, atleast were 2 years ago.

I think its the best where picks can be
Finding the right pick helps too. Too soft or too hard and it will make a big difference.
Since I'd played guitar with a pick, I began playing bass with a pick. Had a year between bands and then tried fingers. I really Njoy playing with my fingers! Being able to feel the strings allows me to play with much more feeling and dynamics. BUT for songs with many/fast bass notes, the pick gits r dun.
Lol same

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