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To all the dads out there...

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That made my morning The Bassist

Yes sir, a shotgun on the porch. Sounds good.
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Between having earned a black belt and having served in the US Marine Corps, I can be quite intimidating if I want to be, but just to look at me you'd never know it. Well, the haircut may give some of it away. And the look I've had described as “complete disdain for their existence as a living organism.”

Megan's current boyfriend's parents were both in the Navy, and told him, in front of me, that if I decided his life needed to end they wouldn't interfere. It's nice to have support from that side of the equation. Not necessary, but nice.

Being a dad - one of the very few things better than playing bass.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I practiced martial arts for a number of years as well (mostly aikido) and was a bouncer for a couple years after I got out of the military (Army, infantry). I was the smallest bouncer there, but I was also the bouncer people started shit with the least. I'm thinking now that maybe the military thing has something to do with it. Regardless of how friendly or amicable you are, as a soldier you're trained to carry and present yourself in a certain way, especially if your MOS is infantry/ground troop-related. It becomes second nature after a while and eventually you don't even realize you're doing it. Maybe that's what people are seeing when they call us intimidating, despite that fact that so many of us are total teddy bears on the inside. Teddy bears who can kick your ass up one side of the street and down the other, but teddy bears nevertheless lol
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I practiced karate for a number of years and bounced/bartender back when I was 21, 22. My father is military. He tells my daughter all the time “Got a boyfriend?” “No Grampy.” “Good. He has to pass me.” and she just giggles because she knows what I will do to someone who treated her bad. I am very much a Teddy Bear but when it comes to her, Jason Voorhees will drag you to his log cabin.

Strangely enough, you mention Martial arts and my daughter asked me if she could do that today. She wants to study Akido, Lon you know a thing or two about this martial art. I know it can be severely deadly. It the same art that Steven Segal knows.

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I started doing Wado Ryu Karate in 1973, ended up running my own dojo by 1997, by 2003 I'd traded it all for Iaido, the Japanese art of sword drawing, I don't do either these days, I still have my hand forged Shinken Katana under the bed…just in case!
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I'm buying a Glock.
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Marko with Japanese Swords Oh shit

I'm buying a Glock

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